100% Cotton Yarn
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Material           : 100% Cotton Yarn
Usage              : Mop Yarn, Candles Wick, Tea Bag Thread, Treasury Tag,  Etc.
Size/Ply           : 10s/7ply, 10s/12ply, 10s/3ply, 10s/15ply, 10s/18ply, Etc.
                            (Other sizes/ply upon request)
Colour             : Natural, Dye Colour upon request
Package         : From 100g Spool up to 5 Kg Cone
100% Cotton Yarn is made from Cotton Fibre which grows on Cotton Plant. Since Cotton Fibre is a natural fibre, it is free from chemical and suitable to use for food products, etc
Different combinations of sizes, plies & twist are facilitated for different industrial uses. Examples of Industry are Wicks for Candle Making, Tea Bag Thread for Tea Bag, Mop Yarns for Mop Making, Treasury Tag for Document Compiling, and many more industries.

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