Rayon Yarn
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Material           : Rayon Twine
Usage              : Meat Tying Purposes
Size/Ply           : 730 Tex to 2200 Tex, Etc
                            (Other sizes/ply upon request)
Colour             : Natural & Mixed Colour
Package         : From 150g Cone to 1.5 Kg Cone
Butcher's Twine is essential during preparation for cooking meat. It helps to retain the shape and also juices from flowing out where it will affect the flavors. It also helps to maintain the stuffing to stay in place and not overflowing during meat expansion during cooking.
Twine is made from Viscose Rayon Yarn which is a Artificial Man Made Filament which produce using cellulose from Wood & some other natural sources. The advantages of Rayon is that it does not shrink much when heated and also it is Biodegradable. 

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